Death Star above Scarif

As we wait for the next Rogue One trailer, a report has emerged revealing the name of the tropical planet seen in the trailer. Spoilers ahoy! According to the report, the tropical world is called Scarif, a secluded planet new to Star Wars lore. Scarif reportedly has been supplying the Empire with materials to build the Death Star, and is protected by beefy shields. Clearly the Rebels are going to have a huge challenge in penetrating these shields. That’s likely why they’ve been seen in recently revealed shots to be wearing the Imperial insignia on their uniforms. Sneaking in? Why not, it’s a common trope in Star Wars storytelling. Marc over at Talk Star Wars expounds further on this topic.

At some point, the Empire is going to realize that the plans to their new battlestation are compromised. Hoping that the Rebels are still on Scarif, could Director Krennic, Darth Vader, or the Emperor order Scarif destroyed? If the answer is yes, then Mon Mothma’s stated objective of stealing the plans to halt the ‘imminent weapons test” will hasten the destruction of another world.

Carrying this line of thought over to the original trilogy, would destroying Scarif heighten, or diminish the destruction of Alderaan in A New Hope?

The jury is out until after watching and dissecting Rogue One. But it would allow a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi to live. Recall that Palpatine orders Moff Jerjerrod to destroy Endor should the Rebels successfully destroy the shield generator:

Since Star Wars’ rebirth, old reference materials, discarded plot points, designs and characters have been given new life. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if Scarif is indeed destroyed by the Death Star. The more I think about it, the more I think it would add a level of dread when the Death Star pulls up to Alderaan’s door step. I also have to imagine that this movie has to stand on it’s own. In a vacuum, the Death Star’s abilities have to be on display, otherwise viewers are cluess as to what makes the Death Star so fearful. Yes, I know. Of course we know what makes the Death Star a force to fear. That’s why I said “in a vacuum”. Plus, it would be cool to see a planet destroyed with 2016 special effect technology! This could also give the writers a plausible way to write out the Death troopers, or whatever they’re going to be called. I’ve always asked why this elite squad doesn’t appear on Endor, where the Emperor says that an entire legion of his best troops await the Rebels. Maybe it’s because our old friend Palpatine had them annihilated in a case of collateral damage that didn’t pay off anyway, as Leia got the plans anyway. And while we’re on this topic, it could also be why we may never see any of the Rogue One rebel team, Director Krennic, and any number of vehicles / characters that appear in Rogue One.

We’ll know the answer in 160 days (or less depending on spoilers), but until then let’s discuss! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, by email, or on twitter!


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  1. Great post Kyle! I’m going to suggest that we won’t see the Death Star destroy the planet purely because of the effect that has on the reveal in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope. It might be the Empire’s intention though and perhaps that’s where Galen Erso fits into the story. If he is a Kyber Crystal expert and he help develop the main weapon, maybe he pulls the plug on it in an attempt to save the planet, its population and the Rogues, one of which is his daughter. I’m getting the impression Vader is the WMD in this film.

    1. Thanks, Marc! As you could tell from the post, I’m torn on whether or not the Death Star will fire in Rogue One, and I talked myself in to it. By no means am I married to the idea that it will fire, but I think it may actually enhance the dread we feel for Alderaan, because we’ll know exactly what’s in store for it. Like I said, we already know, but what about future generations of moviegoers? If they watch Rogue One in chronological order, then they’d know just what’s in store for Alderaan come A New Hope.

      But that’s just me, and this is far from a mountain that I’m willing to die on. I can probably be talked out of this and probably will change my mind once or twice before we see the movie!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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