Well ok, that headline is a bit misleading.

Worthy of Recognition is not *here*. It’s here.

Worthy of Recognition has been on my mind for some time now and I figured it’s about time to get it off the ground.

The new podcast delves into the four faces that have most impacted our lives as Star Wars fans. Our Mount Rushmore of Star Wars personalities, so to speak. There are no wrong answers – just cool personal stories to get to.

You could wait for it to be released on the main feed, or you could become a Powerful Friend and get everything we do, as we do it. For $2 or $3 per month, you get:

  • Sith Disturbers podcast – a Powerful Friendz exclusive (nobody else get this show)
  • Early access to Journals of the Whilling and Worthy of Recognition
  • Guest appearance on Worthy of Recognition
  • Participation in our monthly draws
  • Newsletter
  • And whatever else comes to our warped minds! The better we do, the more we’ll do for the Powerful Friendz!

Worthy of Recognition


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